Mar 13, 2010

storage in japan.

wow, two posts in one day! i'm on a roll!
just wanted to post something amazing i discovered today on my way to work. there's a bicycle lot near the station of where i work, and well, i never really understood how it worked.
today, i discovered just that.

you put your bicycle through the little door and....

my friends are going to think i'm such a loser because many have passed by this exact parking lot and probably already knew how it worked but...i literally stopped in my tracks and did a double-take when i saw this poster and realized how much work went into storing the enormous amount of bicycles in this crammed city.
it reminds me of when my mom used to park her car in one of those rotating garages. but now they have these...

you can imagine how dense tokyo is, seeing that we need storage like this.

haha くだらないpostですみませぇ〜ん(:

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