Mar 21, 2010


burn notice.

i scream like a little girl every time this show is on. why do i find him so attractive?! he's not my usual type, he's not THAT good looking......*sigh*. just watch the show. you'll understand.

oh and i need new sunglasses for the summer...
which ones should i get?
ray-ban skinnies/ray-ban rounded aviator

marc jacobs new wayfarer/marc jacobs aviators

carrera hippy round/yves saint laurent

stella mccartney/vintage christian dior
leave me a comment, tell me which one is best!!♥


michelle ng said...

OMG I love watching Burn Notice! He is so hot!! And I gotta say, Fiona is hot too for a 40-something year old lady!!!!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

I like the last one the best (dior)

Colaço said...

ray-ban aviator, love it!! ;D

martha said...

you look good in big sunnies :)

asami said...

vintage dior, duh!

Kiyo said...

I like the Stella McCartney and the Dior ones. I feel like everyone is wearing wayfarers at the moment, so :)

and I just happened to see your twitter, you should definitely go see the high fashion exhibit!

DDLさん said...

that's exactly why you're attracted to him!

Anonymous said...

I love the last pair - the vintage Dior!

Your blog is adorable.

Miss B xx