Feb 27, 2010

cute trays. awesome site.

What I love looking at lately...
I want cute vintage trays :)
I can tell I'm going to be addicted to Lonny Mag...

An amazing site I stumbled upon...

-Interior design firm headed by Masamichi Katayama. Anyone living in Tokyo would know the BAPE stores, and possibly the R2 building. Really inspiring stuff, and it doesn't just stop at his portfolio. His site is INSANE!! I stayed on it for a good 30minutes just scrolling around. Check it out!

Feb 25, 2010


some awesome furniture from FUTE DESIGN

statement pieces!!

Feb 22, 2010


Bought a new bag :) (zara)
It's going to go well with the shoes I ordered from NeedSupply

Jeffrey Campbell "99 Zip Wedge"

leave a comment, please♥

Feb 20, 2010

new york fashion week part2


3.1 Phillip Lim/3.1 Phillip Lim/Alexander Wang

Erin Fetherston/Erin Wasson x RVCA/Michael Angel

Michael Angel/Oscar de la Renta/Natasha Poly@Oscar de la Renta

Proenza Schouler/Rag&Bone/Ralph Lauren

Thakoon/Thakoon/Tommy Hilfiger

and my faavorite designer: Michael Kors♥


Michael Kors' knitwear/sportswear...genius! This is what women want!!

you should definitely watch the actual coverage...pictures don't do the clothes justice!

Next up...London Fashion Week :)
(all from style.com)

Feb 18, 2010

new york fashion week part1

Herve Leger
I love bandage dressing. Herve Leger=god of new bodycon.

Rad Hourani
A Canadian designer with a true point of view. This is so my style.

Cushnie Et Ochs

The spiked, chrome nails....so hard (cue rihanna song)!! I love it!

Alexander Wang
It's amazing how a young designer like Alexander Wang has gotten SO popular in such a short period of time. (And oh yeah that third picture? Holy crap models have never-ending skinny legs...)

I guess my part1 of nyfw coverage was focused on black, and intricate details=mostly what catches my eye and what I want the insides of my closet to look like. There are sooo many other shows to cover that I'm loving.
All I can say about the trends for fall/winter 2010-2011 right now...
  • Black and gray are always in.
  • ...But outerwear in browns are huge.
  • Shearling.......Oh. My. Gosh.
  • Long jersey skirts (only for those privileged in height)
  • Fur. And lots of it!
  • Chunky clunky wedges
  • Soft dusty colors, in layers
  • Simple draping
more later....

Feb 17, 2010


my youtube 'favorites' are filled with korean goodness.
i need to post more often! eek! been too busy...
how hot is taeyang (cue the american accent =P)? park bom kinda looks fat though.

btw, i can't wait to sit down and just watch all those runway shows from nyfw.
im loving all the twitpics though...ahh i love twitter♥

p.s. just watch the video. its good. you would be impressed.

((oh and i'm secretly in love with shaun evaristo...and i found this video of him and a japanese group called sh*tkingz. they're pretty good!! ignore the obnoxious girls wailing for shaun))

-not that i know anything about dance. i just love watching... :]

Feb 10, 2010

global trends

super insightful predictions from the experts at JWT.
if you have the time, you should definitely check this out.
(from digitalbuzzblog)

Feb 7, 2010

beacon. peonies.

One of the companies I'm applying for has an IMPRESSIVE interior... It's even been featured on sites like 'shigotoba'. Beacon Communications K.K. is a full service communications agency, and their office is RIGHT near my apartment (part of the appeal).




Not only would I love to tell people that I work at an office that's as aesthetically pleasing as this one, but their portfolio is impressive as well. They hold major clients like P&G, McDonald's, and Philip Morris, among others. They have tons of little meeting rooms in their office, as well as a 'pub', 'beauty space', company library, and studios.
The website I got these pictures off of (here) notes the particular characteristics of Beacon's office space as "戦略的な色使いのカラフル空間で効果を上げる", briefly translated as "A strategic usage of color, creating a colorful space that bolsters efficiency".
The interior was done by 'Klein Dytham Architecture'.

And a little inspiration :).
Peonies are my all time favorite flowers.
Found some gorgeous pictures on flickr...

you can find anything on flickr. it's awesome.