Mar 17, 2010

how i want my future boyf to dress.

some guys really know how to dress.

isaac p./noah a./ron l./jesse s./unyime a./chris c./andreas w.
(all from lookbook)

i love all dimensions of men's fashion. this compilation of pictures from lookbook are what i would want my future boyfriend to wear. but after looking through the guys' pictures, i realized that it's really all about how you wear the clothes... wouldn't you agree? If a guy is aware of his own style and isn't scared to show it, that's really all it takes.


Rose Taylor said...

i just found your blog! haha, cute post! :) i have ideas of how a boy should dress too...i am all abotu flannel! :)

i noticed your post on tokyo, you live in japan? i lived in japan for 7 years! okasan ga nihonjin nano! kodomo no toki kara nihongo wo hanashiteru. :) demo, nan nen mo america de benkyou shiteru kara, don don nihongo wo wasureruno!

nihon no fashion no koto oshietene! amari shiranai keredo, naraitai! :)

xoxo, rose.

Marie said...

all about the shoes, and all about the jeans.

uewaaa... naked de iinajanai?
jk =p

LiveSimply said...

rei, u would choose a boyfriend for their fashion sense lol thats y i never see us working out...

Kiyo said...


& Thank you for the comment, so nice to hear from bloggers in Tokyo!

asami said...

its about how you wear garments...
but its also how well the person him/herself looks. imagine hiking-walking wearing outfit number 10. gag a liddo? hahaha

Anonymous said...
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