Mar 3, 2010

i like to post random things all at once.

Vintage illustrations from the 1930s
I found these on flickr.

Rings and bracelets...I'd like one of each please?

Imagine having a key like #4

I think I would've enjoyed the 1930's.
Find more of these HERE.

Japanese Interior Design Magazines
I bought two interior design mags...「ひとり暮らしをとことん楽しむ!」&「ZAKKA BOOK」. I feel that the popular theme in Japanese interior design is compactness. Since everyone is crammed into small spaces in Tokyo, people come up with interesting ways of storage and decorating with smaaalll things. I'm obsessed with 雑貨(zakka)...miscellaneous goods/knick-knacks.
I need to find cute wall decorations like these...

Her kitchenware collection is impressive! Japanese people are master collectors...

ugh quality is so bad!! sorry. けど小物のディスプレイのこだわり方が良いね…

My Style...
My outfit today//My new JEFFREY CAMPBELL 99ZIP WEDGES♥//my knick-knacks
I used to cringe when I saw people's jidori shashin so this is going to take some getting used to...ちょっと恥ずかしいかも...haha


miche_elle said...

I think the 30s are back in style already.
BTW I love your nails. ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG how do you walk in those LOL?
But I love your nails on the interior design page, the red manicure tips :D

- Nicole