Mar 10, 2010

random ads i find

McCann Worldgroup, Bangkok, Thailand
"We created life-size stickers of a Sumo wrestler, a Rugby player, a Judokan and a Wrestler. These stickers were affixed on the revolving doors of buildings to interact with our consumers. Once they pushed against the door, it seemed like these sportsmen push back and don't allow them to come in. But of course, the door opened in the usual way. The copy line simply says, "Milk makes you stronger. Meiji."
I love outdoor ads like these that consumers can directly 'interact' with. I want to see more of these humorous outdoor ads in Japan!!

Saatchi&Saatchi Canada
"To showcase the category's largest brush, a new media space was created - the subway exit turnstiles themselves. Dramatizing the benefit of LashBlast Length, the exit turnstiles were wrapped in yellow to look like an extremely long brush, and the crossbars were wrapped in black to demonstrate the extremely long lashes you get as a result of using the mascara."

This is pretty creative! The insight of relating the turning of the turnstiles to the mascara brush+lashes. It might not stand out as much as it needs to though...seeing as it's yellow and the walls of subways are usually yellow. Maybe if it was another color that stood out more...
Still looks cool!


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