Feb 3, 2010

grey ant, white rooms

I have been wanting these since 2009. Why is it sold out everywhere, or just not available anywhere outside the states. This makes me sad... If anyone can help me get my hands on these, I will bow down to you.

new high mart in LA has them in-store//beyonce rocking them//fashiontoast got her hands on them

I trembled a bit when I saw this post on desiretoinspire...I wish my room looked like this! I love love love rooms that are glamorously white.

that light fixture is so glam :)

bedroom has to be white too.

but the movie room? white or not, if it looks like this..... I think all my friends and I would be happy regardless.

oh and everyone should go check out INKED. It's becoming one of my favorite blogs to check. Always featuring fashion pics, styles, and clothes that are totally my style.♥♡


verseastyle said...

I love all your choices! Saw the shades on FashionToast... love the all white rooms and yes we would all love that media room - I am so stealing some of these ideas ha ha ha!

taeyang said...

hi rei

CHICMUSE said...