Apr 26, 2010


korea here i come :)

(via trendland post: "culinary flags")

and i'll leave you with some gorgeous sketches...
(elena sofia tinis)

(lina ekstrand)

and OHHMYYgah this is hilarious. and slightly embarrassing.
Warner Entertainment Japan's new ad for Blu-Ray discs...

via: communication zenbunose
celebrities get paid to get avatar-ized. It makes a huge impact, and has a catchy tag-line so, effective? maybe? and has a huge ad on mixi (popular Japanese blogging site)...but I can't get over the fact that they actually avatar-ized her.

Apr 22, 2010

let's just take a minute.

let's just take a minute to drool. over some alexander wang.

alexander wang fall 2010 accessories
(refinery 29)


Apr 20, 2010

like whoa.

I was never really amazing at art. My Dad was though, and if I could do my life all over again, I would've tried to go to art school like he did! Looking at artwork like this tickles my creative fancy though...

brett manning:
(ink illustrations)

from trendland.

Orlagh O'brien:
("Emotionally}Vague": How do people feel anger, joy, fear, sadness, and love?)
Q:Do your emotions have directions? If yes, draw arrows. (The answers were overlaid to create an averaging effect)

Q: How do you feel these emotions in your body? Draw anything you wish. (The answers were overlaid to create an averaging effect)

Anger&Sadness=an inner battle, while Love=an out of body experience? hmm...
from trendland.

Apr 19, 2010

some photos i stare at.

a random accumulation of photos is always interesting to look at.

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells" -Dr. Seuss

from tumblr, flickr

Apr 18, 2010


lady gaga.


really bad video, but this is basically how it was....(puhpuhpuh poker faaayce)


favorite song:


Apr 13, 2010


oh my gosh. I dug up this video I did for my Advertising class last year at UofT. It's a commercial for our product, "Fuse" (a printer and laptop in one). It reminded me of all the fun I had last year, good times!! haha.

It's very amateur and very student-project-esque, but who cares! It's hilarious to watch me try to act!!!

Apr 12, 2010

nails. rings. oohlala

two new forever21 rings. on my pudgy fingers :)
left: a little outrageous, thin rhinestone ring.
right: bulgy gold and silver ring with the class ring (that i, yes, still wear.)

and i like changing my nails every few days...
i'm going to try to start doing my own nail art (to save money) :)

some inspiration...(from WAH NAILS♡)