Apr 12, 2010

nails. rings. oohlala

two new forever21 rings. on my pudgy fingers :)
left: a little outrageous, thin rhinestone ring.
right: bulgy gold and silver ring with the class ring (that i, yes, still wear.)

and i like changing my nails every few days...
i'm going to try to start doing my own nail art (to save money) :)

some inspiration...(from WAH NAILS♡)


inked said...

what's the nude colors you used on your nails? I love them.

Anonymous said...

Omg Rei!!! This is hilarious!
I have that exact ring (the thin one) from F21!!!
And I have the other one too - something LIKE it at least (because I love those rings) but mine is Silver with Purplish-Gray rhinestones. =)

And might I add, I am obsessed with nail polishes too! But my nails are too weak and get damaged if I wear nail polish too often. =(

f.chiu said...

cute nails! what's that nude colour on the third picture (middle finger) ? ive been searching for the perfect brownish nude..