Apr 20, 2010

like whoa.

I was never really amazing at art. My Dad was though, and if I could do my life all over again, I would've tried to go to art school like he did! Looking at artwork like this tickles my creative fancy though...

brett manning:
(ink illustrations)

from trendland.

Orlagh O'brien:
("Emotionally}Vague": How do people feel anger, joy, fear, sadness, and love?)
Q:Do your emotions have directions? If yes, draw arrows. (The answers were overlaid to create an averaging effect)

Q: How do you feel these emotions in your body? Draw anything you wish. (The answers were overlaid to create an averaging effect)

Anger&Sadness=an inner battle, while Love=an out of body experience? hmm...
from trendland.



this is art...amazing

ANNA K.O. said...

thanks for the follow!
these artists remind me of lauralaine.net...i have been looking a lot at her recently. broody, moody, and black+white...just how i like it!