Jan 21, 2010

future home

i hope my future husband is ready to spend a fortune on interior decoration.

I'm drawn towards a combination of sleek shades of gray and whites that gives off such a chic and sophisticated mood.

I want a furry rug, and tons of coffee table books. I'm definitely going to be crazy about lighting. And couches.

Flowers in the kitchen, bedroom, on the coffee table, ...basically everywhere?

I'm definitely going to need to look for one huge piece of artwork to vibe off of for room inspiration. And yeah, my kitchen needs to have an island, and have mostly white cupboards...I'm yet to find a picture of my dream kitchen though.

Dreaming about my future house makes me anxious and antsy...and happy. :)

(I really need to start sourcing these pictures. Sorry........ I usually get them from ApartmentTherapy, decor8, or desiretoinspire though)

And this is a dedication to my dear friend who loves abbey lee♥

Australian Vogue from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.


taeyang said...

hi rei

麻美 said...

abbey lee!!!! hells yes. >gemma

her off-duty wardrobe is awesome too.

and no. taeyang did not say hi to you.

Anonymous said...

love that kitchen! kitchen wa daiji.
but man thats gona cost.
and ill make sure i stain your こって選んだ couch.
love anonymous but dali