May 18, 2010

nike dunks.

if only i had known about this exhibit earlier.... can only enjoy it through pictures now :(
三田真一with TENKI 「連続の断片」@GALLERY SPEAK FOR (代官山)
"タイトル/テーマは「連続の断片」です。一本一本の木によって構成される森は、時にそれ自体が巨大な一本の樹木のように見えることがあります。また個々 の樹木を構成する枝葉も樹木のような形をしています。一般にフラクタル現象と呼ばれる、こうしたミクロとマクロの共通する連続性に着目し、その真理を私た ちの生活環境の中へと通じさせながら、断片的に表現しようとするのが本展の目論見です。" (via gallery speak for website)
roughly translated... title: "Fragment Repetition". With the various repetitions and redundancies that can be viewed through nature and our world today, we are able to see the connectivity between the macro and the micro, explained through the "fractal phenomenon". Simply put, Shinichi Mita has portrayed this repetition through a modern example, using the infamous NIKE DUNKS. While these shoes exude a distinct symbolization, they can also portray a certain lifestyle and personality in its repetitive entirety.

(images via trendland)

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Kiyo said...

wow, I've never seen anything like this...wish I knew about it, I would have loved to go! Thanks for posting this :)